Blocking SPAM

What is spam?

Here are some common tactics that spam accounts often use:

  • Posting harmful links (including links to phishing or malware sites)
  • Aggressive following behavior (mass following and mass un-following for attention)
  • Abusing the @reply or @mention function to post unwanted messages to users
  • Creating multiple accounts (either manually or using automated tools)
  • Posting repeatedly to trending topics to try to grab attention
  • Repeatedly posting duplicate updates
  • Posting links with unrelated tweets

How to report spam:

If you think you've found a spam profile, follow these steps to report it to us:

  1. Visit the spam account's profile.
  2. Click the person icon. This brings up a drop-down actions menu.
  3. Click on Report @username for spam.

To block a Twitter user:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Go to the profile page of the person you wish to block.
  3. Click the person icon on their profile page. This brings up a drop-down actions menu.
  4. Select Block from the options listed.

Blocked users cannot:

  • Add your Twitter account to their lists.
  • Have their @replies or mentions show in your mentions tab (although these Tweets may still appear in search).
  • Follow you.
  • See your profile picture on their profile page or in their timeline.
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